Mental Health Tool Kits Feedback;

"Amazing – (daylight card) the sun always makes everyone happy"

“I think it’s good….to express what you feel sometimes….it tells you different things about people..”


“It raises the subject of mental health and you get to know each other better”


“It’s a great gift, a good opportunity to think about all the different things in the cards”


“Encourages us all to talk to each other, we don’t do it enough”


“We all fetched our own experiences to the table”

“Nice to sit as a group in a light hearted way.”


“It puts perspectives on our problems and what causes them in the first place”


“It gives us a chance to say what we feel about what’s going on in our own way”. 

Finding Another Way Through;

"To Whom it May Concern regarding Jo Haigh. I have known her for approximately 3 years now, Jo supported my son and myself. Her knowledge of behaviours and medical terms is phenomenal and she can talk to professionals in THEIR language. She is definitely one to fight your corner and is always available to talk to. I would definitely recommend her for any job within the care and support system for disadvantaged adults and children" - Gale.

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