Our Self Management toolkits have now developed into a set of playing cards simply as reminder pictures for each strategy and technique (These are now available to buy in our store).


Once sold out, our origional self-management toolkits (exlaining each management strategy) will no longer be available as laminted cards, but they will remain available for you to download and create yourself.... There is a front, and back, to each card. Plus front and back cover slide. Simply print 2 or 4 pictures per page (depending on how big you would like them) to create your own toolkit. They're full of ideas, strategies and skills explaining how each one can help you manage your mental health with techniques from all over the world.


Obviously, one size doesn't fit all- and mental health is the same; the strategies that work for you, may not be the best for someone else. By trying various techniques and options you are able to find the most beneficial for yourself; allowing you to find your own self-manaegement and learning how to harness the particular strategies that work for YOU. Once you know what works, please do continue your learning and strategies by researching and developing that particular skill.


This listing is for our DEPRESSION toolkit in PDF

Depression Self Management Toolkit PDF


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