Meet The Team

David Haigh - Founder

David and Jo started Always Another Way back in July 2016.

David previously worked with probation and young offenders after turning his own life around many years ago. He worked as a volunteer Director, LGBTQ+ Peer Support to other fathers and a volunteer driver for Always Another Way, Cumbria, until he stepped down due to a worsening of his health in 2018.

Jo Haigh- Founder & Managing Director

Jo has worked in the Mental Health and Health & Social Care Sector for over 10 years, working with organisations such as the Hypermobility Syndrome Association, Ehlers-Danlos UK and Bipolar UK as well as spending two years as The Copeland Mental Health Representative for Service Users & Carers. Personally, Jo has experienced many obstacles; she suffers from Bipolar Disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Diabetes and Fibromyalgia, however, along with her husband David, and their teenage daughter (who struggles with EDS, Gender Identity Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder), the family have been in unique position to know life’s challenges. Rather than accept the flaws in our system or the lack of support provisions and help in our area, both Jo and David, have decided to combine their skill sets and knowledge to enable another way forward- joining like-minded people together to improve our community and our lives in general. Jo is the Managing Director of our organisation and holds many qualifications including Cert H&Sc, Dip H&Sc, BSc Hons (Open) in Mental Health and Health & Social Care as well as experience in providing support and organisation skills, fundraising, grant applications, community work and events planning. 

Sam Benson- Director

Sam joined Always Another Way, Cumbria as a member of the Events team in August 2016 after she realised we always rope her into our community work and projects anyway – what’s that old saying: if you can’t beat them, join them!

Sam has fantastic managerial, organisational and office skills. She has a first class Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies and training in business, safeguarding and Special Educational Needs. For a number of years Sam has worked in child care and managing a nursery for pre-school children locally. Sam has worked with children in a range of age groups and with a variety of backgrounds including those with disabilities, learning difficulties and children learning English as an additional language. Sam has strong family values and is committed to helping people access the care and support they need. In September 2017 Sam joined us as a Director at Always Another Way and recently became a volunteer coordinator; training and managing volunteers to support children and families in Copeland.


Janette Tear- Director

Hi, I'm Janette. Most people know me through my role as a community nurse, others through my arts and crafts, upcycling and volunteer roles within the community.
I've joined Always Another Way, Cumbria Ltd as a Director and I'm looking forward to being part of the organisation as it grows. I've lived locally all my life and I know that by working together we can build community spirit and support one another

Ang Crawford- Director

Hi, I'm Ang and I've recently started as a Director for Always Another Way, Cumbria Ltd. In work, I'm a teaching assistant, an early years practitioner, a mid-day supervisor and a clerk to the Governors at an infant school in Workington, as well as being a mum of 5. As you can imagine, I haven't much time to spare but when David's health meant he had to step down as Director I was so pleased the board brought me on board. I'm a big believer that with the right support; we can achieve anything. I would consider myself a very open, supportive and caring person who is always happy to help and support others. 

Sonny Smith- Director

Hi, my name is Sonny Smith from Harrington. I am an economics graduate looking to go into medicine. The primary reason for this, is that I really enjoy helping and supporting people. That's the same reason I applied for a Director position here at Always Another Way, Cumbria when one became available. I'm very motivated and want to help people get back on track, support them with their issues and finally, assist the organisation to be the best they can at providing mental health support to clients locally.

Andrea Sales- Manager

Hiya, I'm Andrea and I've just joined Always Another Way as the part time Manager. 

I have worked in voluntary and statutory community and youth work sectors  since I was 16 years old. I'm originally from Lancaster and moved back to Cumbria at the beginning of this year.  I'm really excited to be part of the team and looking forward to getting stuck in and making a difference in the local community. 

LGBTQ+ Volunteer Staff Members

Lorna Hurst
Danielle Hurst
Jo Haigh

CONNECT Mental Health Drop-In

(Cuppa & chat) TEAM LEAD

Louise Branch
Danielle Hurst


Ken Hurst
Jo Haigh
Louise Branch

Silent Footprints (Baby Loss, Peer Support) TEAM LEAD

Gail Dobson-Burns

West Cumbria Eating Disorder Support Group (for the parents of those with eating disorders) TEAM LEAD

Kerry Carruthers

Sign Language Volunteers

Lorna Hurst
Jo Haigh

Volunteer Drivers, Extra Help/Event staff- face painting, Fundraising, Events & Activities, Crowd control and odd-jobs...

Ken Hurst
Stephen Benson
Andy Brown
Karena Duffy
Chloe Simpson
Jodie Murphy
Charlee McGuiness
Shannon Laverty
Emma Lindsay
Cara Hanlon
Jay Smith
Tom Wren
Aiden Pattinson
Phoenix Lindsay
Stu Dobson-Burns
Jess Hurst
Beth Hurst

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