Community Projects

Self-Management Mental Health Toolkits

Its difficult to learn all the self-management options for Mental Health, so, with the help of service users, carer's and professionals we developed Self-Management Mental Health Toolkits for Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder. Each toolkit contains 30 family friendly, laminated, A6 cards, with quick tips and reminders on one side and the details and information on each technique, therapy or strategy on the reverse- Perfect for both self-management and for working with support. Our cards include an introduction to warning signs, symptoms, triggers and self-management, as well as details on Acceptance, Knowledge and Guidance. Plus, 2 Guided Breathing Exercises AND 20+ management strategies including Pet Therapy, Laughter Therapy, Music Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness and Aromatherapy Therapy.


Our Self Management Toolkits for Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder are available to buy through our Store.


We're now looking for funding to expand this project, allowing us to work in the community and develop toolkits for Personality Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Disclaimer; Our Self-Management Mental Health Toolkits have been designed and created with the help of service users and carers. They are not intended to a diagnostic tool, nor to replace any pre-existing support, services or medication. Always consult a medical professional for advice and support.

L.G.B.T.Q Provisions

Since the loss of the previous LGBTQ support in Whitehaven (back in July 2015) we have established and launched support for those struggling with their gender identity or sexuality.


By working in collaboration with Carlisle and Barrow services we now offer provisions for those aged 8-24 years old and their families in Copeland. 

Further details are available on request.

Sign Language Classes

Our Basic Introduction to Sign Language classes and our Family Sign days have been very popular.

New dates are announced as and when we know them.

Face Painting, Glitter Tattoo's and Hair Feathers

As an additional community project we even get to have some fun and bring the sparkles & paints- you may have seen us at The Whitehaven Carnival, Egremont Crab Fair, Carlisle PRIDE or at private parties

We keep our prices low to meet the needs in our area and any profits we make goes into funding our other projects.


We offer Face Painting, Glitter Tattoo's and Hair Feathers for your parties, events and fundraisers- simply email us for a quote!


Check out some of our work on the 'Glitter Tattoo's and more' page.


QUALITY AND SAFETY; After all, the last thing you want is a nasty reaction at a party. For this reason, we only ever use Snazaroo face paints, as well as official body glue and body glitters. Snazaroo hold their products to the highest standards of quality and safety.  Snazaroo face paints are paraben free, fragrance-free and specially-formulated to be gentle on delicate skin and as such are not hazardous to health or the environment. All Snazaroo face paints are water-based, making them as easy to take off (For face paints, simply remove with soap and warm water, or with babywipes; there is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers and for our glitter tattoo's simply soak the tattoo in baby oil, breaking down the body glue and allowing for easy removal). 

FREE Mental health sessions- Weekly (Ex. Bank Hols)

Our 'Connect' sessions run every Friday 11am-2pm from Hensingham Strting Jan 24th 2020


- everyone is welcome, whether you're  wanting to meet new people, feeling isolated, looking for mental health support/ Management or advice, or just wanting to know what's offered in our area, it's FREE and our volunteers are trained in mental health awareness, coping skills, alternative and complimentary therapies and so much more.

Mental Health support, Coping Skills & mentorship sessions

We now offer mental health support & mentorship sessions in the community through a tailored package to improve management skills, coping skills and confidence. Referrals are now being taken through the Choices programme and local job centre's, Contact the Choices team on the number opposite, or to discuss private one-to-one or group bookings Contact us directly on 07516319860.

Choices Sessions and Coffee mornings for participants on the programme; funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund

As part of our work with the Choices Programme, Groundwork, Impact and Cumbria Youth Alliance, we're running emotional resilience sessions with young people as well as coffee mornings and activated for adults 

FREE Tinnitus Peer Support Group MONTHLY at Hensingham on the 3rd Tuesday of each month...

JAN 21st, FEB 18th, MAR 17th, APRIL 21st, MAY 19th, JUNE 16th, JULY 21st, AUG 18th, SEPT 15th,

OCT 20th, NOV 17th & DEC 15th

Silent Footprints; A NEW Peer Support Group for those who have experienced baby loss; First Wednesday of each month at Hensingham (10am-11.30am) & Last Monday of every motnh at The Senhouse Centre, Whitehaven (7-8pm).

With Thanks to funding from Cumbria County Council; This Peer Support Group is for anyone who has suffered pregnancy loss- at any stage of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, still birth, medical termination and infant loss.


Receive help and support from others who have been there.


Defence Lab self-defence classes and FREE pop-up sessions

We're pleased to be working with Defence Lab to bring you FREE self-defence pop-up sessions on the 2nd Saturday of every month at Hensingham.

Email for more info.


 Support for Parents and Carers of those with Eating Disorders

We're pleased to announce a NEW PEER SUPPORT GROUP for the parents/carers of those with Eating Disorders.


We'll be meeting at Hensingham on the First Sunday of every month (Starting Nov 3rd) 11am-12.00


Feel free to call by for a chat, or stay for the duration. Tea and Coffee Provided

Contact Kerry on 07807977268 for more details


 Support and sessions for the Deaf Community- Starting Feb 2020

We're pleased to announce the NEW provisions for the Deaf community in the local area; with thanks to Funding from Well Whitehaven, Top of the Shops Café and both Hazel Todd & Rebecca Kiggins for offering to run the provisions.

If you're part of the Deaf Community- Join us Feb 4th for the first session 7-9pm on Mirehouse


Compass in Cumbria E-HUB

Basic Introduction to Sign Language Course- Starting April 2020

Do you run a not-for-profit organisation, charity, support group or social club?


And do you want more people to know you are there?

-COMPASS IN CUMBRIA is a FREE online site to allow your services and groups to be access by anyone. Join us March 26th to sign up your organisation or group- or email to discuss alternative arrangements if you can't make it!






We are now taking Bookings for our Basic Introduction to sign class, starting Thursday 9th April (7-9pm) at Hensingham.


Email to book YOUR place



We are now taking Bookings for our Accredited BSL (British Sign Language) Level 1 Qualification starting Sunday 19th April for 30 weeks, Inc. 3 Assessments.


Email to book YOUR place


Sign Language sessions to book...

We're pleased to announce a NEW Service... You can now book private or group sessions to learn BSL.

Sessions can be arranged and tailored for your school, group, business or need. 

Contact us for more details, quotes or bookings


FREE Family Sign Days...

We're pleased to announce the newdates for our FREE FAMILY SIGN DAYS in the Summer Holidays at Hensingham.

Join us Tuesday 11th August (11-2pm) or Saturday 29th August (11-2pm)


All you need is a packed lunch!


Email to book YOUR places


With thanks to Pet Encounters Cumbria, we are pleased to announce our Animal Therapy sessions for the summer holidays; email to book your places for Monday Aug 10th or Wed Aug 26th at Hensingham


Huge congratulations to two of our Team Lead's who are now qualified ASSIST trainers... keep an eye out for training dates being announced!


Due to Coronavirus (covid-19) we have decided to postpone our face to face sessions, fitness classes, groups and all training until further notice. 
This reduces the risk to many of our most vulnerable service users and volunteers over a certain age or with pre-existing health conditions.


Team leads will be in contact with clients to give details for telephone or online support options, which we will maintain throughout. Training and bookings will be rearranged to follow official guidelines to minimise the risks to yourselves and others. This is a precautionary measure, simply to be on the safe side.


Weight loss classes
Fitness and exercise classes
Sign language classes
BSL 102 & 103 Exams
Silent Footprints baby loss support
LGBTQ+ provisions
Alpaca's Trip
CONNECT Mental health drop ins
W.C Eating Disorder parent support
Tinnitus group
Compass open day
Coping skills sessions
Alternative & Complimentary Therapy sessions
Work experience
Deaf Haven (Mirehouse cafe)
Defence Lab Self-defence classes
The Wellbeing Forum
Group sessions and one-to-one's

GCS Medical and Training; Safeguarding Training (April 24th)

GCS Medical and Training; First Aid Training (May 22nd)



Although we cannot guarantee it, currently, the services below, and provisions from May onward HAVE NOT been cancelled, keep checking our website or Facebook page for further details on these as government guidelines progress.


Suicide awareness Training (April 29th)

Coping Skills sessions (May/June)


Please note; While the building is closed. Groups, courses, fitness classes and training are postponed, for now.The plan moving forward is to continue support but in a slightly different way. We will be providing online, message and telephone support options (see below)


* For our LGBTQ+ PROVISIONS for those 8-24 yrs living in Copeland and Allerdale, contact us. We will be providing online, message, email and telephone options.


* For our CONNECT mental health group we now have 1-2-1 message support set up or search for CONNECT on our Facebook groups. If you're a client in that provision, or of you wish to join now its online, simply send a request through Always Another Way, Facebook groups.


* For our Deaf community support, search for "Deaf Haven" on Facebook and request to join.


* For our Silent Footprints baby loss support group, now has 1-2-1 telephone and message support and there is now a private group Facebook page in our groups section. Contact Gail on 07825152936.


* For our W.C Eating Disorder parents support group. 1-2-1 telephone and message support has been set up and a private Facebook group for members. Again, simply look in our "groups" section and send us a request to join, or Contact Kerry on 07807977268.


In the meantime... we are still taking referrals 😊


Due to the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19, we are not currently taking on new volunteers. We have offered the venue to store PPE and have volunteers collecting and redistributing these items to those in need as soon as they come in. Can we take this opportunity to thank you all for your generosity (including those pictured here), and remind you to register on the Support Cumbria website and NHS website should you wish to volunteer helping to collect PPE, prescriptions, food items etc for those staying home.

If however, you run a garage, nail salon, nursery, staff kitchen, tattoo parlour,  building supply company- or any other business using PPE... PLEASE DON'T LOCK IT INSIDE, SHOULD YOU CLOSE. Email to arrange collection and redistribution, or simply drop them off at your nearest funeral home, ambulance base, hospital, hostels, care homes, GP surgeries, food banks etc.

...and if you're good with the sewing machine- we will happily pay your postage if you could make us a few masks for those in need- everyone from palliative care nurses to food preparation teams are in need

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